“Shaman King” To Return In March 2012

The start of these events began on last Saturday (9/10/2011) in Aomori, Japan. At 18:30 on the radio channel FM AOMORI, Hiroyuki Takei personally went on the radio to talk about his manga series. Prior to this, the last time his words were on the radio was in a letter spoken by Megumi Hayashibara shortly after the cancellation of the Shaman King manga series in Weekly Shonen Jump. The radio station in Aomori hold some additional importance since the manga character “Anna” from Shaman King was the inspiration for their towns police mascot.

While the entire transcript of this conversation was not recorded, there were two annoucements Hiroyuki Takei announced:

  1. Shaman King will be continuing in March 2012.
  2. Hiroyuki Takei is working on another project.

Because of the complexity of the Japanese language, the word “continuing” is not very clear, and Takei did not provide much more information. However, the date was very clear as well as that it will be connected to Shaman King. His second project could still be his “new, unseen project” which was announced in early 2011 (news story).

With the release of Shaman King Remix volume 13, there has been a new development in this story. In the included Remix Track, Takei derails the story to talks to his editor about how he doesn’t have enough space to draw the story he wants to tell. He asks for another Remix volume to tell more of the story (similar to how the Kang Zeng Bang release gained extra chapters), but was refused. With more demanding pressure he asks to change the format for the Shaman King story by “Imagine their battle animated, with voices, music and such.” The editor doesn’t give a verbal response to his request, but the side comment sends a message to the fans to “Who knows what may happen, but keep supporting Shaman King!

There are many possible routes this new “Shaman King” could possibly take. There could be the possibility of multiple new versions, such as a new manga series as well as something else. Some of the possibilities are the following:

  • New manga series
  • New anime series/OVA/movie
  • New drama CD
  • New videogame
  • New light novel
  • New vomic

All of those possibilities are still on the table. In addition, a new figure of Yoh is coming in 2012, and the Shaman King anime was recently showcased in an issue of Animedia.

As soon as we know any more details, we will be sure to post them up on Shaman King Nation as soon as we can! There will be 3 more volumes of the Shaman King Remix versions to be released, so more news should be coming in the next few weeks!

(Special thanks to Dit for… all of this!)

30 thoughts on ““Shaman King” To Return In March 2012

  1. I hope it’s anything else except for the anime … T__T

  2. I hope for an Anime as the manga (like they did with Full Metal Alchemist, they remade the anime to follow the manga)


  3. If he makes another anime… never use 4Kids. They ruin everything, anyway… I just finished reading all 300 chapters (and I only watched 1 episode of the anime but it was awful so I will never watvh it again) and they need to contenue the manga. (sorry if my spelling is off)

  4. SHAKING AND CRYING oh god life is good again ;0; please be a new anime, (like brotherhood?) that would be fantastic.

  5. i too wish for a remake of the anime a le brotherhood. the manga was SO much better than the anime, by far… it would be my dream for that to happen, and for studio bones to produce it.

    part of me doubts it’ll be an anime though, since i don’t think mankin’s resurgence in popularity is enough to warrant it but you never know! i’d probably cry if it did though ;_;

  6. I’m fine with a remake ♥
    I just want them to keep the original seiyuu staff. >v<

    Something like Dragon Ball Kai they kept the original staff even 'till the director =D


  7. OH MY GOD!!! PLEASE let this happen! My hopes are too high for this not to happen now! djhjsdhfkhfkkkfhvbf I’m going into hysteria o.o PLEASE LET THERE BE MORE OF THE MANGA AND ANIME :D DD <3

  8. I really, really, really, really, really, really, really, really, REALLY hope its a new manga! And then it shall turn into a new anime! This is giving me more reasons to live!!! I can’t wait!

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  10. I died!! *_* I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!
    Thanks for the translation and for sharing it!! *_*

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  12. Yes!!! I’m sooo excited! The characters, especially the author, are really cool! Keep up the good work of sharing your wonderful and unique talent you have Hiroyuki Takei. :) Hope this new series will be as successful as the previous manga series of Shaman King you did. Also, as your fan, hope the new series will be turn into an anime that is as or more exciting, creative, and has lots of lessons to learn in life. I will pray, believe, and wait for you to finish it successfully. GO..GO..GO!!

  13. Shaman King Lover says:

    WOOTS!!!!!!!!!!! GOTTA LOVE THIS! THIS IS GONNA BE GOOD!@#!@#!@#!@#!@ :D

  14. We, from the Philippines, want a sequel of this one. I’m hoping that iron maiden jeanne will finally have a bigger role in the incoming series unlike her cameo role for the previous. Thanks,

  15. Yesssss!!!! I can’t wait

  16. Shaman king is very good project, but American anime studios frankly it spoiled. I wish the author to finish this cool project and make a screen version! Good luck!

  17. i can’t belive my favorite anime come bacj <33333333 i love it .
    i can't wait for it . but i heard thet len tao my favorite gonna die :LLLLLLLLLLLLL then i'm gonna CRY :L serius

  18. So, today is 10 of June. And there is no news! Can you say something about status of anime? Or about something. There is no news since 18 Feb. :( ((((

  19. I would really like a remake of the anime.. I dont find SK: Flowers thaaaat interesting… or maybe its because I miss the first generation of Shaman King.. Oh well, better than nothing.

  20. Jesus Downing says:

    Hi Shaman King Nation! I am a big fan of Mangaka Hiroyuki Takei and wanted to ask a question! Has anybody heard about Shaman King ever having a movie coming out? I was wondering, if Shaman King will ever become a movie?

    Thanks, if anybody can answer my question! :D

  21. I hope they make more of Shaman King, starting off with finishing the shaman tournament!!! I love anime shows especially this one!!! It’s killing me that there isnt gonna be anymore that I know of!!! Make more!!!

  22. I think no. But why they don’t want to remake the anime? Shaman king is so popular in many countries, they can to get PROFIT and make happy fans. Do they understand that?

  23. Cool! I want a new anime series too. And i want to appear in romania!

  24. And i want hao back!

  25. FallenAngelFeathers says:

    i hope they contune the anime from where they left off coz it ended with a HUGE cliffhanger which is who is going to be the hsman king etc..


  27. welcome to 2013 deep in feb

  28. anotherone says:

    i am still waiting..:)

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