“Shaman King Zero” Preview Website Opens with New Info

Continuing with the latest news of the series Shaman King making it’s return, the Jump X (Kai) website has updated with a brand new page of information. The series of oneshots will officially be called “Shaman King 0 -Zero-“ or more commonly referred to as “Shaman King Zero” ( シャーマンキング0-zero- ) You can find the website here (in Japanese). As seen on the left hand side of the page, the poster included with the Jump X issue will be a B3 sized poster from the Osorezan Revoir story arc. Continuing down the page, Takei’s supervisor’s, Inakichi gives a little comment about the new series. He comments about how he went to Izumo with Takei to get information about the city and people. He also says that they found a “mysterious and frightening place” and decided to include it in the oneshot (maybe a graveyard?). At the bottom of the page, there is a space for 4 different characters with descriptions; Yoh, Anna, Matamune, and a space for the child spirit (hidden for now). This of course, brings up more questions than answers abotu the story as the initial plot line did not seem to include either Anna or Matamune.

(Thanks to Dit for the translation!)

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7 thoughts on ““Shaman King Zero” Preview Website Opens with New Info

  1. a mysterious and frightening place, I wonder what that is? I can’t wait for Nov 10 and thank you SKN staffs for updating us with the LATEST mankin news:)

  2. YAY!! This is great! (>v//<)

  3. I’m so excited (>//<)

  4. I can’t wait!!! Thanks for the info *_*

  5. I’m VERY excited about all this! ;3; I want more SK content no matter what!! Thank you for relaying the news!!

  6. cabrerajohn says:


  7. Will there season 3 Shaman King Anime?

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